About Us

In 1987, Jones Bros. Agri Service LLC was established.   Tye  and Kyle  were raised on the Century Family Farm along with their other two brothers.  It was on the “Family Farm” where all were instilled with wholesome Midwest family values.  The Jones brothers understand the challenges and needs of their customers.  As the brothers continue to raise cattle and help grow crops on the farm, Jones Bros. Agri Service  promotes, sells and use only the best products available.

The company has been built with honesty and integrity, and the customer are treated in the same manner.  One customer coined the phrase “Jones Bros. Agri Service is putting the Service back in Agri Service” and the phrase has stuck.  

The original store in LaMonte, MO was opened in 2001 with that simple concept “putting Service back in to Agri Service”.  In 2012, the Jones brothers expanded the business by opening a second store in Centerview, MO.

Jones Bros Agri Services will continue to uphold  professional service to their customer and support all the products they put on the market:  Propane, Feed, Chemicals, Fertilizer, Livestock Equipment, Trailers,  Grain Augers, Grain Vacs, Belt Conveyors, Grain Bins, Grain Handling Equipment, Metal Buildings, Pole buildings, and other farm and home related products.

  • Centerview

    375 NW Hwy. 50
    Centerview , MO 64019


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    Phone: 660-747-0388
    Fax: 660-747-0366

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  • La Monte

    511 West Front St.
    La Monte, MO 65337


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    Phone: 660-347-5660
    Phone: 660-347-5220
    Fax: 660-347-5241

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