We’ve all heard the saying “you reap what you sew.” What you get out of things is directly impacted by what is put in. At Jones Bros Agri Service, we offer bulk fertilizer to help you produce more and maximize your investment.

Fertilizer is an important component of any agriculture or farming operation. To be productive as humans, we need to eat. So do our crops. Whether your growing corn, soybeans, wheat, fescue or any other crop, there’s certain nutrients those plants need to grow at their full potential.

Simple is good. We make the process of fertilizing your fields simple. We’ll send you out to your fields with a soil probe. You can collect samples of dirt (6-8 inch plugs) and we’ll send those off to the University of Missouri soil lab to be tested an analyzed.

The University will send us back a recommendation report of what mix of fertilizers should be applied, given your particular soil’s composition, to optimally produce your intended crop. This process, based on science, insures you are not wasting dollars on soil nutrients you do not need, but instead are getting the ideal mix of fertilizer for optimum growth, production and ultimately profit and return on your investment.

We will go over this report with you and identify a custom formula or mix of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium fertilizer that can be applied to your fields to insure your crops are growing at their full potential. To make things even easier, we can apply it to your fields for you.

At Jones Bros Agri Service, we have GPS-equipped fertilizer spreader trucks. Our trucks’ auto-steer features allow for a more precise application. We can also spread variable rate. This means the parts of your field that need the fertilizer most will get the most and the parts of your field that need less will get less. We’ll mix your fertilizer based off your report, load it up, deliver it to your operation and apply it to your fields, making the process simple for you.

If you would like to apply your own fertilizer, we can equip you with a fertilizer application spreader (or buggy) to apply it. We’ll mix your fertilizer, load it up on a buggy and adjust the settings based off your report. You can come by and pick it up or we’ll be happy to deliver it to your farm. We also have fertilizer tender delivery available.

We have anhydrous ammonia trailers available for pick up or delivery for applying NH3 (liquid nitrogen) to your soil. 

A custom fertilizer program is an important part of any agriculture operation. At the end of the day, we want to maximize our investments. At Jones Bros Agri Service, we’re not only your friends – we’re your partners. We are happy to work with you to develop and implement a fertilizer program that will help your operation grow…literally.